Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Checking in with Jordan Sharkey

Hey Jordan so you’re from Wales do you get to spend much time at home or do you prefer to stay on the road?
Hey mate. I am indeed, up in the north. I usually spend my time in Wales yeah, in summer I’m not there much and I try to go anywhere I can all year round if possible. But back to my hood usually.

Would you ever relocate to Manchester or London I can imagine you find yourself in those places on a regular basis due to skateboarding commitments?
I’ve thought about it a lot, but never actually went cause it’s so easy to travel from where I’m from. Seems far but the trains are pretty fast, so I don’t mind. However I’ve just moved to Madrid. My girlfriend lives here and it’s way better to skate so I thought fuck it, one day when my flight got delayed home I just left the airport an stayed. About 2 months ago now.

So back in 2016 you won the Element Make it Count contest, how have things change (if at all) since then?
I think so cause now I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by Element and that’s helped me to go on more trips, meet new people and they help me out a lot which is rad! 

Kickflip. Photo Reece Leung

So you ride for Element and Vans Europe do you have aspirations on trying to make it onto the US teams?
That would be nice, but I’m not really thinking about that right now. I like the Europe scene a lot so I wanna get about Europe more. But wouldn’t pass up the opportunity or a trip with the US guys haha.

Getting worldwide recognition is always tough for British skaters but it something that is definitely changing in recent times and I think Harry Lintell proves that. Do you have a plan with where you want to go in skateboarding or are you just winging it so to speak?
Yeah the UK scene is going off! Harry’s definitely proved it! But I’m definitely winging it haha. Just live cheap, travel any chance I get and see how long I can go till I need to get a proper job haha. That’s pretty much my plan.

A couple of months ago you found yourself in Hong Kong with a few others filming the ‘NocturnUP’ edit how did that come about? It must be quite surreal travelling to all these countries on the regular, any faves?
Hong Kong was amazing! We had a sick crew an it came about from the boys Daryl Dominguez an Nick Richards. They did one in Thailand last year that I couldn’t make, but I made it to the second one! It’s incredible getting the chance to skate these places, I think my favs so far are Copenhagen and Hong Kong , they were so good!

Wallie. Photo CJ

What’s your take on video parts as a sponsored skater do you feel you need to focus more on competitions and social media content and if there’s time left over then perhaps try film a part?
I really like to film video parts cause your just out in the streets with the boys having a good time. I want to film them more than insta clips or skate comps but it’s all good fun I think. I don’t mind a comp sometimes, you meet people, party, skate a bit, they can be fun. And insta clips happen quite naturally now I’m in Madrid, skating everyday, someone gets hyped “oh I’ll film it”, cool. People should definitely film more video parts tho!

So how is the rest of the year shaping up any projects in the works?
I got some things in the works for this year, video part very soon! Couple other projects, Nocturnup 3, skate trips here and there, maybe the odd skate comp. Everything always pops up last minute so I’m sure plenty more things to be done! 

Cheers Jordan any last words?
Cheers mate! An yeah, big up Sidewalk, Element, Alex, Vans, Manhead, Blacksheep, Shiner, Alyntheg, Manu and the misses!

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