Thursday 9 June 2016

Catching up with Get Lesta's Callun Loomes

Photo Matt Clarke
Get Lesta seems to have really taken off in the last year or so, did you have any aspirations or goals for it when it started?
How do i answer that? Haha I'm not stopping till I'm on billboards Tim. Nope no goals I just enjoy doing it so I've carried on, take it as it comes. Stoked on the support, I don't like the question

For those who might be unsure how would you describe Get Lesta, you put out a lot of product but essentially it is just a crew right?
Just a crew yeah, get as many people out at the weekend and have a good time (in the least weirdest way possible). That way the video can involve anyone it's not treading on anyone toes, it benefits all companies involved if anything.

Your fourth full length ‘Get420’ comes out in October how do you stay motivated to film all these projects?
Smoke endless weed apparently. Nah I don't find it difficult to stay motivated I'm hyped on everyone's skating. There's like 15 or so people on the poster so always someone to be meeting up with. I have lists of tricks, spots and cities for each person so never stuck for something to go try. Everyone lives so far apart that we can't just meet up and 'see how it goes' unfortunately we need a rough plan of where to go and what to try. Every week I do a little private link to what got filmed that week so the group can see. Realistically the full thing is 104 week edits into one big video!

When it comes to editing do you involve the skater or do you make all the decisions?
I'm usually mad stressed trying to edit two years worth of footage in two weeks so if anyone contacts me within that time good luck to them haha. I ask each person towards the deadline to send me ten songs they would be happy with for their section song. I then go through them all and see which works and is the best fitting. They don't get to know which I've chosen as like I said I'm buzzing my tits off in a cave drinking energy drinks for a month. It'll be one of the songs from their list so they won't have anything to complain about when it comes to the premiere. Obviously some people are useless and want me to just choose for them. I wish this was the case for Golding, his music selection is horrific. As far as involve them when editing nah no one see's their section and no one ever watches any of the video before the premiere I keep it completely secret. The only time I might ask them is if they did a trick say like 3 times and it's hard to call which one was the best, which they would prefer me to use.

Charlie Munro - double rail ollie photo Matt Clarke 

How do you usually decide on who has first and last part I guess those are the parts everyone wants?
Most of the time it's pretty easy to tell. People can see who's been going in the most, last time think everyone knew who was going to be first and last. At the minute it's close call between two for openers and two for enders, have to see how the next couple of months go. The other two can go in the extra's or something haha. It's only on the DVD it matters anyway i guess, because once the parts go online the order means nothing.

Do you feel pressure now because people expect the new Get Lesta videos to always be better than the last?
Everyone knows it's ten times harder to out do your previous section. Once people know your trick bag and you've been to the same spots it's going to be more difficult, you have to get a bit more creative (Mike's going for ten sections). Each video there has been a few new names involved which helps a lot as that means new spots and motivation. But I wouldn't say there's any pressure, we film anything and everything then I'd say the best 75% of the footage is the finished product. The only pressure I'd say is to get a last trick. Some people aren't bothered about enders or last trick, I'm not one of them haha. I don't wanna see a part/video end on a line, I want to see someone go all out at the end. Obviously the last thing you try is something that is a push for you, and the only way your going to do it is because of the pressure. (or £20 ten beers and a trip to hooters) Each to their own.

Backside heel - Mark Stern, photo Matt Clarke
I think what a lot of people like about your edits is that the majority is filmed in England is that a conscious decision?
Not allowed to leave the country.

Do you plan to venture around more of  Europe and more?
Nah to be honest I just much prefer UK footage. I'd enjoy trips and going to different countries but just feel footage in England is worth a lot more. I'm sure I could go Berlin and film a section in a week of stuff people have done a hundred times before. But instead I like going to Derby barrier and sitting there for 8 hours till someone can fluke a nbd over it, strange.

Is it too early to talk about the up coming ********  collab?
Depends when you upload this? Haha for the time being yes! Hyped on it though and will be out mid July.

Do you want to explain a little more about it?
Yeah but I'm not allowed so we'll have to talk about my breathing or something.

Cheers Cal any last words?
How about you tell us about your ********?  Your gonna cut that bit out aren't you.

You Bet!!

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